I'm so embarrassed to have you see my space - what if it's the worst you've ever seen?

Embarrassed..... Please don't be embarrassed, you've reached out for help and that's what I'm about.

Do you help everyone get organized the same way?

Everyone is different and I pride myself on the personalized organization. No two of us are the same.

Are you going to make me throw everything away?

I'm not here to make you throw away your stuff Unless you tell me you want to get rid of things. my job is to create useful space with the items you have. that being said keep in mind your space and time limitations: You can't put 10 items in a 2-item bag.

What rooms do you organize?

I'll organize anywhere as long as it's safe to do that.

Do you provide cleaning services?

I personally don't clean. However, I have people that I can refer to you to handle that. I will wipe off or sweep the areas where I'm working.

*Occasionally there's something unexpected from a person or a pet that has to be dealt with before I can start organizing. I charge extra for that kind of cleanup.

Do you organize it for me, or do I need to be there the whole time?

You are not required to be with me while I'm working. however if possible I'd like some parameters with which to sort items. For example, if I'm sorting clothes it's a more efficient use of resources to know the sizes worn.

If I'm sorting in the kitchen I'll ask for preferences ex: expiration dates, chipped dishes, etc.

Do I need to go out and buy baskets, plastic containers, and organizing materials?

I'd recommend that I begin work for you BEFORE purchasing bins and other " organizing materials." I'll work with what's available, take measurements, and show you my recommendations online, otherwise, you end up with too many bins, etc. that may not work for you.

When helping me organize to move, do you pack?

Moving? I'm here to help you pack your items so that you can make sense of things at your new place. I can unpack for you as well.

How long will it take to get my place organized?

That depends on you, your level of disorganization, and if you're working with me do you follow directions well? Do you do the homework I leave for you? Are you bringing in more bags of stuff while I'm organizing?

I'll ask what your timeline is before we begin the job.