When you move to a new home you have things with you that may or may not work in your new space. They may have looked great together in your old space. A new eye allows a different vision in your new space. I work with you and your routine to create the best flow of energy in your space.

Simply unpacking all of your most necessary items can be a daunting task, especially if you are working, have a family, etc. My service provides extra hands to unpack the most necessary items first so that you can “hit the ground running,” and not spend all of your vacation days unpacking.

In addition, I have access to resources in the area for donations of furniture, etc so that it leaves your space.

I discourage people from purchasing bins and organizing materials until together we determine what’s actually needed and how you will use the space. Too often we create clutter with baskets, boxes, and bins to hold our clutter.

Working within a budget is helpful. One of the first things I ask is what’s our timeline? The next question is what’s your budget for supplies? This gives me an idea of what options may appeal to my client.

It’s extremely important that I’m aware of what’s most important for them. That way I can make it a priority.